Prof. John P. Baugh's Website


Welcome to the Website of Dr. John P. Baugh, Software Engineer, and Professor and Chair of Computer Science / Computer Information Systems at Oakland Community College - Orchard Ridge Campus in Farmington Hills.

I hold a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Michigan - Dearborn , where I am also an adjunct lecturer. I hold both a Masters and Bachelors in CIS from UM-D as well.

Work Experience

Prior to accepting the full-time faculty position at OCC-OR, I was a software engineer at Siemens PLM Software in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I worked in the Licensing and Business Intelligence group from 2007 - 2011.

Languages, Topics, and Technologies

I have taught classes in the following languages, topics, and technologies:

I also have experience, in addition to the above, with the following languages, topics, and technologies:

Purpose of this Site

This site acts as an education resources for students and instructors, as well as a contact point for those who wish to contact me for my services (software development, as well as instruction.) I run a small software company, called Frogspire .

Contact Me

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions for tutorials/books you'd like to see, or any other need to contact me, please do so at profjpbaugh [at]