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C++ Tutorials

The tutorials and lessons linked to on this page are for C++. I am writing a basic book for learning C++ using Visual Studio 2010, which will serve as an excellent first course and introduction to the C++ programming language. Although you can use any compiler/IDE you'd like, the examples given are run in Visual Studio 2010. I encourage students and instructors alike to use and redistribute my material. Please give credit, and a link to my page ( Thanks!

If you are a student or faculty in a higher educational institution that participates in Microsoft Dreamspark, go to Dreamspark, sign up for your account after you find your institution listed and download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition.

If you don't have access to Dreamspark, or don't want to purchase a copy of Visual Studio 2010 Professional, you can get by with the free Visual C++ Express edition, which can be downloaded from Microsoft's website, here.

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Book and Materials

The following lessons are from my free book, A First Course in Computer Science and C++ Programming , and accompanying materials

Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers and C++ Programming with Visual Studio 2010

Lesson 1 Written Chapter in PDF Format   FC_CPP_Lesson1.pdf
Lesson 1 Youtube Video Tutorial   Lesson 1 Video

Lesson 2: Variables, Operators, Expressions, and User Input

Lesson 2 Written Chapter in PDF Format   FC_CPP_Lesson2.pdf
Lesson 2 Youtube Video Tutorial   Lesson 2 Video

Lesson 3: Control Structures

if, if-else, switch, while, do-while, for

Lesson 2 Written Chapter in PDF Format   FC_CPP_Lesson3.pdf
Lesson 3 Youtube Video Tutorial   Lesson 3 Video